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His experiences in Paris, France and Helsinki, Finland have greatly influenced the interpretation of this artistic proposal. The artist offers us a holistic vision of man, enabling him to transform urban spaces into intimate spaces through his multiple works.

His innate creativity and life energy move him to confront new challenges; to integrate functional art into interior design. This time, he gives us his first sculptural design in an exquisite functional line, a sofa of the "Solunático” series. It is a research based piece of furniture with refined terminations. The design transmits to us the basis and the purpose of Heriberto’s plastic proposal: “the circle, the purest line in the universe, the balance of man in all his parts.”

Heriberto Nieves continues to offer us new alternatives that perpetuate his commitment to art. An artist with a global vision, he brings forth this work of functional art, “art at the service of human beings".

New Designs
Contact: (787) 501-4154